Zuniga Health is a data-driven level-funded health plan designed for small-
and medium-sized employers in Florida, Illinois and Texas. Our level-funded plans
address the needs of employers with a minimum of two employees and up to 399 employees.

Get to know us

Zuniga Health

Concierge Approach

At Zuniga Health, we take a concierge approach to healthcare. Through our partnership with MedWatch’s Pathways Concierge service, members and providers have one phone number to call for questions regarding their medical benefits, billing, provider, steerage to high quality healthcare providers/facilities, medical/surgical procedures, prescriptions and more. Supports English and Spanish.

Innovative Health Plan

Zuniga Health is an innovative, level-funded
plan for small- and medium-sized employers.
We’ve built fixed, progressive plan designs that put basic
and preventative care at the forefront for
small- and medium-sized businesses.

Zuniga Health is similar to direct primary care but
offers zero-dollar deductible for basic care.Additionally, access to providers is easier than ever because employees can keep their PCPs or find hundreds of others through our largest premier provider networks. At Zuniga Health, we never
want affordability to prevent employees from getting quality healthcare, or the prescription, that they

Our level-funded plans return 100% of any unused claim spend to employers


  • Our mission is to deliver affordable health benefits, increase access to health care services
    and reduce employer cost. We want to lower the cost of care and redefine basic and preventative care to employees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is Zuniga Health LLC?

Zuniga Health is an innovative level-funded
health plan designed for small- to medium-size

What products do you offer?

Zuniga Health offers medical, dental, and hearing
plan options

Are you ACA Compliant?

Yes. We meet all regulations surrounding the
Affordable Care Act .

What States Do you Operate In?

Zuniga Health operates in Florida, Illinois and Texas.

Is there a minimum employee requirement?

Minimum of two employees, per state requirements,
which may vary, and we can write up to a maximum of
399 employees.

Drop us a line to learn more about our level-funded plans. A member of our sales team will be in touch shortly.